Lately I've made some ecological and healthy choices in my lifestyle, for my health and for the environment. Often we are driven by advertising false needs and the fabric softener is an example: pollutes the sea, can cause allergies, is a carcinogen (contains benzyl acetate linked to pancreatic cancer) and especially it creates a oily fouling on the fiber to soften the fabric. 
That 's why I decided to replace this ugly product with vinegar and I must say I'm satisfied. However, surfing on Pinterest I found this genious adv that's able to make you forget all the bad things about softener, because it's sooooo funny!

Advertising Agency: Grey, Lima, PerùCreative Director: Pepe AguilarArt Directors: Tony Cruz , Renato CarriónCopywriter: Gonzalo Aste , Victor Concaproduttori di agenzia: Eliana Coquis , Lilian AstePost Produzione: Pixel Studio Fotografo: Angelo ChavezPublished: aprile 2012


.....anyway I'm still using vinegar!

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