In this moment I want to take a flight for London: not only because is my favourite city ever, but also because in this period there is an interesting exhibition about Pina Bausch costumes at Barbican centre. I'm really interest in contemporary dance. It's a quite young passion for me: I discovered it last September in an international dance festival in Bassano (Italy) Bmotion. It's a very suggestive world. The tools that dancers use, are quite simple: body, music, and stage, but the results are so passionate, vivid and intense, it's curious how body movements can talk. Through this experience, I've arrived to Pina. I can't write so much about her work, beacuse I'm a "paria" in this matter, but when I saw Win Wenders film Pina, I was fascinated by, obviously,  the choreography, the ability of the dancers, but most of all, the scenography, like the costumes. The dancers wears like normal people: evening dresses like also simple tunic, high heels (also for men) instead of ballet shoes, and everything used not just as a demonstration of beauty but also of desire; of how men and women interact with each other and use their clothing to hide or reveal themselves accordingly.
I really hope in the future to see a Pina Bausch Company show, I've a lot to learn about Pina Bausch.

Amazing Pina Bausch

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: World Cities 2012 is showing at Sadler's Wells and the Barbican until July 9.
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