Nowadays I have a brand new passion: flowers!!!  It’s all happened, when I had dinner at friend’s house. It was a very nice house, the style was a mix of rustic, Scandinavian (I go crazy for Scandinavian style house) and traditional Chinese. Quite unusual mix style but the result was super cool! And one thing that stunned me was a flowerpot in every room, particularly hyacinths, quite common element in Scandinavia house. They are simply beautiful! So now in my living room there are two beautiful hyacinths!! In these pics I captured the flowering of the pink one. Now I'm waiting for the flowering of the white, that’s growing up in water. The flowers produce a type of good vibrations that give joy and smell the entire house. I do not know if I have a green thumb, this is just the beginning, we will see, anyway flower power!

Here some interesting information about hycinth  growing in water. 

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