In this period I'm at home, not only for Christmas holiday, and I have a lot of free time. So often it happens that I'm sitting on my desk and start reading on line magazine and blogs especially fashion blog... One of the fashion blog that I discover yesterday is by Andy Torres.  She's very nice, quite famous and talks about style, fashion and diy advice. Reading her blog one thing captures my attention, not the style stories, not the fashion pics but simply her story in this video about TEDx Amsterdam woman 2011. I find in her story a lot of things in common with me: architectural backgroud, she studied interior design and I studied architecture, and have a great desire to do something in fashion but don't know how, especially when no one responds to your application...  She finds her way blogging, what will be my way? 

via stylescrapbook
 The only thing to do is listening to your inner voice. Someone call this voice talent (which is in everyone), but Monica Guerritore in this video calls it LOVE. if you listen that voice, don't  let indifference imprisons your heart. Here is her speech at TEDx in Florence.

XI commandment: honor your talent!

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