Vivienne Westwood is a myth, a reference point for eveybody right from her outset: a forerunner with the punk movement, then with her revolutionary style and now with her Manifesto. Some people, that are at the height of success, extend their business building resorts, opening art gallery , etc...  but also in this case Vivienne Westwood's made something more! She's used her experience and her business helping a piece of world such as Africa.  In partnership with International Trade Center (ITC), United Nations and Yoox, she's produced a collection of ethical bag in Africa. The Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Vivienne Westwood’s ethical bags are made from recyclable materials by communities of marginalized women. The long term programme has helped more than 7,000 women living in extreme poverty.  All those involved in Vivienne Westwood's Ethical Fashion Africa collection are empowered by the pride they take in their work and the new skills learnt. The aim is that many will start their own companies and train the next generation of skilled workers, raising the standard of living in one of the world's most fragile economies. Not charity, just work! Fashion has always seen as symbol of disposable waste, exploitation, flippancy,but in this case Vivienne Westwood 's given us a positive message: FASHION CAN SAVE THE WORLD!

Vivienne Westwood photographed by Jurgen Teller (via FaBoutique)

See the video on Vivienne Westwood website: made-with-love-in-nairobi
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