I am the one who buy fashion magazines only to look at the pictures (advertising included).
I rarely read the articles (only designers biographies and horoscope). This is not a superficial reading but a sensory reading,  because the pictures have to talk directly to your brain. If something in a mass of clothes and shoes strikes your mind, it's done! Fashion have to speak to your style and personality without intermediaries.
This time I 've tried to give voice to my thoughts about the men's fashion shows fall winter 2011-2012 Milan. Here is my review about Umit Benan fashion show in Milan on L' Uomo Vogue n. 419 of March

The Umit Benan man is a relaxed gentleman that Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) would like to meet and photograph on the streets of New York and Florence. Sartorial elegance with a casual touch. New shapes and  elements add  classic elegance and contemporary cool to the male wardrobe, inventing a classic and fresh contemporary elegance. The subversive and frivolous skirt leggings are tamed by the severity of a double-breasted jacket on the colors of blue and gray to black.We are looking for as a new balance between revolution and classic trend without losing the subtle charm of the formal gentleman.


  1. I wont a gentleman. But without any skirt, pleaseeeeee! ;)

  2. Ahahaha!!! But you can wear his shirt as well as you can wear his skirt. You can sharing with him the wardrobe... it depends from the man, but this is another story.


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