Yesterday on, I read Franca Sozzani's post about fashion bloggers: Bloggers: a cultural phenomenon or an epidemic issue?
While I was reading this for the first time, I'm thinking how snob she sounds like. Is this a competition on whoever sits in the front row? Probably she doesn't want to share her privileges with common fashion bloggers....
But when I read it for the second time, I've appreciated that she wrote something positive about it:
"At the end if we are being honest, who comments and who buys? Who should we listen to; the buyer or the journalist? Why not a blogger? "

"There some bloggers that are outstanding. Girls and boys who dictated their own style, at times circus like, but personal. They are original, they have invented a new way of communication.

"Not all trends are nice and not all bloggers are good, but so it's for designers and journalists. Time is needed to emerge, and when you make it, to resist. Time decides what's successful or not. What makes history. The blogger phenomenon is too young, too new.

Bloggers offer a fresh, creative, different, non-industry point of view. It's a personal and spontaneous way to live fashion as a real passion and not like a business. Trough bloggers you can know trends streestyle of allover the world daily.  In general Internet is more relevant today than any print medium.

Probably the heart of the matter is another: the disease isn't the fashion blogger, but the fashion industry. Will this spontaneous and fresh way to live and communicate fashion survive the attack of viral fashion business?

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