Some days ago a friend of mine, visiting my blog, told me: nice, but the blog is called velvettangoelisa, where is tango?

I have a strange relationship with tango. Sometime I love it: I dance every week, everywhere, and sometime I hate it and I can't listen to tango music .
Now I'm trying to fall in love again.
 Ladies and Gentlemen the fashion side of tango!

15/01/2011  Milonga Contatto Club- Spinea- Italy

Cool people smoking outside

....and her marvellous new shoes with a flower on the top

Stylish Edvige and friends

Elena of Raccontango and Federico on purple and gray.
Thanks for the nice evening!


  1. You're going to fall in love again, I promise. :)

  2. What a nice post! I love the way you write in english and, weeeell, now I'd like to know your comment on the fashion photos you post there sometimes :P


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